Starter Set Bundle (Island Paradise & Silver)

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  • 1 Silver Bubble Tea Straw

  • 1 Island Paradise Silicone Straw

  • 2 Cleaning Brushes

  • 2 Labels 

  • 1 Reusable Bag


ReServe proudly presents the Starter Set Bundle (Island Paradise & Silver), the combination of Jewels of Ocean & the Elements of Earth Collections. Now you can enjoy all types of drinks with our original and bubble tea straws.

Our innovative reusable silicone straw has duo-hardness which is softer at the top and stiffer at the bottom so that you can use it to stir iced drinks, smoothies, or anything else! No more sloppy silicone straws; our patent-pending design solves this problem for you! It can endure soft drink & acidic beverages and will fit with major tumbler brands such as Yeti, Klean Kanteen, Starbucks, KeepCup, etc. 

Our bubble tea straw or boba straw is unique because you can clearly see the pearls through the clear acrylic plastic and sip smoothly with our BPA-Free Food-Grade Silicone. Unlike stainless steel straw or metal straw, silicone straw is cool to the touch for hot drinks. It is great for any smoothies or bubble tea/boba drinks. No more struggle swallowing too-big chunks or not getting any drinks from tiny straws. 

Here's to your all-new and best drinking experience! Say no to single-use plastic, this starter set bundle is the perfect zero-waste gift for your loved ones!


Original Silicone Straws
Full Straw Height  9"
Folded Straw Height  6.7"
Outer Straw Diameter  0.32"
Inner Straw Diameter  0.22"
Bubble Tea Straws 
Full Straw Height  8.8"
Plastic Height  6.9"
Silicone Height  2.7"
Inner Straw Diameter  0.41"
Outer Straw Diameter  0.49"
Additional Details
Bag Dimension (WxH)  3.75" x 10.5"
Total Weight  0.06 lbs


  • BPA-Free
  • Light, Unbreakable, Aseptic
  • Sterilizer & Dishwasher Safe
  • Smooth for Sipping & Stiff for Stirring (Duo-hardness Silicone)
  • Able to endure temperatures from 32 F to 212 F
  • Cool to the touch for hot drinks. No more burning lips!
  • Suitable for baby & toddler
  • Great for smoothies, bubble tea, boba drinks

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