Our Story

Hi! I’m Mild, co-founder of ReServe.

ReServe means to serve you, again and again. We want to make it easier for everyone to be the positive change that we wish to see in this world, starting with ourselves, our eco-lifestyles, and our consumption.

We launched in Thailand in 2019, selling over 7,600 reusable straws within 8 months. This is equivalent to over 4.2 million single-use plastics being diverted from landfills and oceans, and 4.2 million marine lives saved! We are proud to tackle the single-use plastic trash problem!

In 2020, we expanded into the US market.

A perfect springboard for our venture has been my MBA journey at Babson College, the world’s #1 school for entrepreneurship! We at the ReServe US team have learned so much and connected with amazing advisors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs. My team and I are incredibly excited to take ReServe a big step further, expand and launch future products in the pipeline, develop partnerships with like-minded sustainable brands, and preserve the environment for the next generations!

A picture of Mild, co-founder of Re+Serve