• ReServe silver bubble tea reusable straws in the three glasses of smoothie drink with bubble or boba pearls

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ReServe Bubble Tea Better Together

Are you a bubble-tea lover? If so, our ReServe Bubble Tea straw set can answer your need! You can enjoy using our ReServe bubble tea straw for both bubble tea and smoothie drinks while saving the planet Earth.

ReServe straws can stir iced drink!

Innovative 'Smooth Sip & Strong Stir'
Enjoy drinks anywhere with our patent-pending duo-hardness silicone drinking straws

Ruby Red Collection

Collection of Love

ReServe Ruby Red bundle comes with one reusable cup, two silicone straws, and one red portable bag. A perfect gift for you lovers, friends, and family!

Our Mission

ReServe aims to replace single-use plastics with innovative, stylish, and sustainable products because we believe that sustainability doesn't have to be boring. ReServe makes it beautiful.

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Straws designed by passionate users

ReServe products are made with love and care, because we are also users, and we understand.

Serving you the best drinking experience, that is...

A woman sipping ReServe blue paradise silicone reusable straw in a glass of milk
A hand holding the ReServe original starter straw set which includes ReServe blue paradise silicone reusable straw, brush, label, and bag.
ReServe rose gold bubble tea straw in a glass of Thai iced tea with boba or pearl. The glass is placed on a table with some decorations around.

Safe & Stylish

BPA-Free Food Grade Silicone

Easy to carry

Clean with brush, Carry with bag


Smoothly Sip, Clearly see those pearls

Limited Edition Ruby Red Collection

ReServe x KeepCup Bundle

Bundle Sets

Bubble Tea Straws

Original Straws

ReServe straw is fun to use

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Our Partners

ReServe has recently partnered with Spoten to launch Spoten Box, an all-in-one box featuring fantastic products by Babson entrepreneurs!

We donate $10 for every box purchased...

...to a Babson College scholarship. Your contribution supports current & future students, as well as their businesses.

Re + Serve means to serve you, again and again.

Our Mission